Leveraging Police Technology
Helping Law Enforcement Get More From Existing Resources...

Providing Critical Data
In real-time

Faster Response

Force Multipliers

Do More, Much More

At a time when police and security organizations are being asked to do more with less resources, The Cordero Group offers a series of field tested and proven products to solve the dilemma:

  • iSmart - Interactive Situational Awareness and Response Tool
  • iCan - Interactive Community Alert Network
  • Automated Emergency Dispatch
  • Light-Based Intervention Systems
  • Tactical Automated Vehicle Locator/Police Synchronization System (TAC AVL)

The Cordero Group helps improve public safety by blending existing public safety systems with the latest technologies to offer exciting new tools that:

  • Improve cost efficiencies and productivity
  • Reduce crime
  • Increase public satisfaction with police services at an affordable cost


  • iSmart - Interactive Situational Awareness and Response Tool

    Converts and combines your existing crime reporting and analysis tools into a proactive, centralized system that improves the efficiency of your existing force. | Learn More

  • iCan - Interactive Community Alert Network

    Fully computerizes your neighborhood crime watch to supplement your force, reduce crime, and improve community relations. | Learn More

  • Automated Emergency Dispatch

    Improve community relationships by cutting emergency response time from minutes to seconds. | Learn More

  • Tactical Automated Vehicle Locator / Police Sync System

    Conserve resources and improve crime response by helping track resources via computer. | Learn More

  • Light-based Intervention System

    Prevent and stop more crimes by replacing manned patrols with highly visible, remotely managed displays that warn would-be criminals that they are under surveillance. | Learn More

  • Equipment

    Fully integrated surveillance system. | Learn More