iSmart - Interactive Situational Awareness and Response Tool

Transforming Security From Reactive To Preventive

"However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results." ~ Winston Churchill

Statistics show that corporations successfully execute strategies only 30% of the time. For police and security forces, that number drops alarmingly to 5%! There's ample reasons to explain the discrepancy—crisis management, budgets, politics, manpower, etc. But it essentially boils down to one cause. We usually react to unpredictable situations rather than plan for forecasted outcomes.


The data exists to make intelligent forecasts thanks to internal systems such as CAD/RMS, Automated Pattern Analysis and Predictive Analytics. However, the disconnect comes in getting that information from the desks and monitors of the crime analyst and crime intelligence group into the hands of the watch commanders, dispatchers and patrol cars.


The Cordero Group has developed a paperless public safety monitoring and crime management system that displays levels of criminal activity occurring in the city in real-time. Appropriately called the iSmart - Interactive Situational Awareness and Response Tool it transforms police and security forces from reactive law enforcement organizations into proactive crime prevention forces by providing summary, multidimensional, and detail layers of information about criminal and crime prevention activities.


This effortless, yet powerful, real-time public safety situational awareness and crime prevention tool, helps shape rather than report outcomes.


Constantly refreshing gauges track rate of criminal activity by time frames and alerts control staff to critical changes.


Drill downs are immediately available as well as historical rate analysis.


The "crime management dashboard" updates police situational awareness every 30 seconds and provides layers upon layers of actionable information. iSmart constantly scans reported criminal incidents as they are transmitted via wireless in car reporting and automatically identifies and warns of criminal anomalies, such as unusual trends or spikes in overall or specific crimes in any area of the city.


In a single, constantly refreshing screen, watch command is presented with a snapshot view of where crimes are occurring within a context of past history (daily, weekly, YTD) a mapped depiction of hot zones and a detailed description of specific crimes including location, type and time of incident. Armed with such critical data, watch command can transmit this intelligence directly to patrols via wireless devices.


Other important capabilities include actual and anticipated patrol resource availability and workload levels. With actual field results showing productivity gains in the tens of million of dollars, iSmart's powerful resource management and optimization features are indispensable tools in an economy of shrinking budgets, staffing shortages and increasing citizen demands for services. Previously available mainly through professionally conducted staffing studies costing tens of thousands of dollars, detailed agency resource capabilities and utilization metrics are presented in available in real-time. The system's aids in overcoming operating resource constraints by providing post analysis and forecasting scenarios. iSmart's powerful resource management features provide managers the ability to optimize agency resources and staff public safety strategies and other law enforcement functions with current and reliable information, while reducing cost and improving productivity.


Crime prevention analytical features provide decision makers with real-time snap shots of ongoing and historic police crime prevention efforts, including alignment with crime problems, degree of effort, and police engagements levels. iSmart also supports an evidence-based organizational culture, which emphasizes continuous learning and improvements based on performance measures and data. With a collection of best practices based on proven outcomes, iSmart equips field commanders with the information they needs to instantly and effectively respond to emerging public safety threats.


iSmart can be integrated with pattern identification, predictive analytics, CCTV surveillance camera systems and other existing in-house technologies. Therefore, organizations are able to leverage current crime tracking investments. The iSmart performs one critical task that existing tools do not. iSmart places actionable data into the hands of the officers on the street.


Armed with real-time data and related "force multipliers" a more visible presence can be created in areas where crime is predicted to occur, thereby creating a deterrent to crime. This results in:

  1. Making the streets safer for citizens and the police force
  2. Improve staff morale and public satisfaction
  3. Improve efficiency by leveraging existing in-house data collection and analysis systems