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The Cordero Group

In his 21 years with the NYPD, Jose Cordero had first hand knowledge of what systems worked and didn't work in the country's largest police force. Rising from Patrolman to Police Inspector, the summa cum laude graduate of the New York Institute of Technology was a leading proponent of technology as a tool for increased productivity.


He put all those skills and experience to the test in the tumultuous year of 2001. He served as sector commander at ground zero and helped manage NYPD's response to the September 11th attacks. He organized the response and management of the crash of American Airlines flight 587 in Queens.


He left the force the following year and began refining and field testing his paradigm that technology can improve law enforcement performance in all community settings. As Chief of Police in Newton Massachusetts, overall crime had dropped below 1,000 total yearly crimes for the first time in over 30 years. Newton was named a "Safest City in America" for the two years Cordero led the force.


In 2004, he was appointed Police Director in East Orange. There he faced different challenges but attained similar results. Cordero merged cutting edge technologies with intelligence-led and real-time policing strategies to achieve increased productivity and reduce overall crime by 71 percent in four years. He transformed an underperforming agency, with the highest crime rate in the state, into a national leader in crime prevention. Overall crime fell at a rate roughly 12 times the national average. It ranks among the top crime reduction records in the nation.


In 2008, the Governor and Attorney General of New Jersey appointed Cordero the State Director of Law Enforcement. He developed and implemented violence reduction methods that set the stage for reducing New Jersey's homicide rate for three consecutive years for the first time in over a decade, while also achieving notable reductions in 14 counties and in the two of the most violent cities in New Jersey.


In 2010, The Cordero Group was formed to improve public safety by offering these uniquely successful and proven methods and systems to public and private security forces throughout the world. By reusing and refocusing existing public safety technology and combining them with the latest technologies, The Cordero Group offers police and security forces the ability to improve cost efficiencies and productivity, reduce crime and increase public satisfaction with police services at an affordable cost.


The Cordero Group also works closely with other technology providers to integrate their systems into this powerfully effective solution. Integrating and unifying information and analytical systems into a single interactive environment provides for a cost effective method of putting accurate, timely, and targeted information and intelligence in the hands of decision-makers at all levels of the organization.